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‘They Live In You’ is a series of charity shows produced by Michael James Porter to support the #JusticeForJean campaign. He produced his first show ‘You’re Simply the Best’ in Mansfield in September 2009 and this was followed by ‘They Live In You’ in April 2015 at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London.

This years’ show is the third show in this series and will be a unique musical theatre experience as it will be an emotional journey experienced through the loss of a loved one, thus creating a musical rollercoaster of song, dance and performance for each emotion.

Jean Hanlon/Porter was the mother to Robert, David and Michael and in March 2009 she was killed in Crete. She disappeared and was washed up in Heraklion Harbour a few days later. Her death was originally dismissed as an accident but after her sons pushed for a second post-mortem, it was found that she had been murdered and her body had been discarded in the water after her death. This discovery was the start of the Porter family’s fight for #JusticeForJean

The case did go to trial with 2 possible suspects but due to lack of evidence, it fell into obscurity. Following a meeting with the Greek Ambassador in October 2014 and with the continued support of Richard Arkless, the SNP MP for Dumfries and Galloway, who facilitated communications between the Porter family and the Greek authorities, there has been renewed interest with the potential of involvement of the British Prime Minister although nothing has been
confirmed yet.

The case was re-opened in August 2016 however was shelved within a month. After constant pressure and renewed efforts the case is now being looked over by the interrogation judge who promises to have a decision by the end of May 2017, sealed with a promise that he will not allow the case to be closed.

When Jean’s family started on their journey, they realised that their situation was in no way unique as they discovered, from statistics obtained from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), that they certainly were not alone as there are many people in the same position as them, all looking for answers and/or justice having suffered an unexplained/sudden death of a family member or loved
one abroad.

The proceeds of the shows that Michael produces go towards funding the family’s legal fight for #JusticeForJean. Any funds not used for this fight will be donated to D.A.Y.N.A (Death Abroad You’re Not Alone) and will go to help support other families going through a similar hell.

The Porter family’s story was most recently told in a double-page article in New Magazine in April 2017.

Jean Hanlon

Jean Hanlon
1956 - 2009